giovedì 29 dicembre 2011

Caterpillars and butterflies - Teri Volini's (and Lao-Tzu) greetings for 2012

                                        What for caterpillar is the end of the world
                                         is indeed its
metamorphosis into a splendid butterfly...

                                              My heartfelt wish
                   My heartfelt wish for all humanity:
                                       this special year arriving
                                       can't mark the end for us
                    but the start of an amazing renewal
                                        a special development
                                      in every sphere of life


                                         the great crisis of this time
                        will be able to operate in human people
                                  so a deep and truly transformation
                     which leads all us to become really happies
                                 With a brighter awareness of living
                                                           with Mother Earth
                                                   i n a complete harmony
                                 all human and not human beings
                                                                  truly loving.


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